Danbury, Connecticut Real Estate


Danbury, CT real estate presents an exciting opportunity to settle down in a bedroom community city with a smaller population of about 80,000 that’s technically located in the New York Metropolitan area yet void of the hectic city nature. A number of gorgeous homes are available in the city with larger and lavish estates and mansions lining the private communities along the beautiful shores of Candlewood Lake.


City History


The city of Danbury was settled in 1685 during the colonial period. Samuel Benedict purchased a plot of land that would ultimately become the city from the Pahquioque American Indians. The town was originally called Swampfield but was later changed to Danbury. In 1701, the town was incorporated. Today, this thriving city offers some of the finest houses for sale in CT, including lavish lakefront properties nestled against the shores of Candlewood Lake.




A number of attractions offer intrigue to visitors and persons seeking homes for sale in this region. Danbury hosts 10 public parks, many set on lush preserves. There are four large hiking trails, including the 20-mile long Ives Trail that was completed in 2013. Three historical museums are located here, and numerous festivals and live events are hosted here annually.




Residents who own CT real estate in Danbury enjoy district specific privileges and can enroll their children in East Coast public schools noted for their amazing curriculums. Danbury hosts a high school, two middle schools and 14 elementary schools, in addition to there being several private schools as well as boarding and college preparatory schools in the city.


Nearby Parks


Known for its plethora of well-kept parks, Danbury does not disappoint in the least bit.
Danbury Candlewood Park is situated on the shores of Candlewood Lake and offers 11 acres of recreational land including boat launches, picnicking areas and swimming areas. Other nearby parks include: Kenosia Park, Elmwood Park, Hatters Community Park, Richter Park, Highland Avenue Park and the popular Bear Mountain Reservation.


Tips for Home Buyers


Shopping for your dream home in this inviting region is an excited undertaking that shouldn’t be rushed. With a variety of historic and newer houses for sale, you’ll have a wide array of wonderful options to consider. Our team of agents and brokers will use our experience with real estate in Danbury, CT to match you with the home of your dreams.


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The decision to purchase prime Connecticut real estate in Danbury or in the nearby lakeside communities is certainly an enthralling one. We invite you to contact us today to request more information about the wonderful homes you can consider in this area. We will use our experience and professionalism to help you find your ideal dream home.


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