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New Milford, Connecticut Real Estate


The town of New Milford, CT is a quaint, lively and homely little town located adjacent to the popular Candlewood Lake, the largest lake in the state of CT. It’s a hotbed for the affluent, who seek decadent lakefront Connecticut real estate, found in the number of thriving private communities in this area. Few other regions compare to the offerings of New Milford and its surrounding areas, and it’s one of the largest lakeside towns in the state, too.


About New Milford


New Milford is a serene bedroom community located in the southern portion of Litchfield County in Connecticut. The town is the largest town in the county and hosts a growing population of about 28,500 residents. Nearby cities include Hartford, Albany, NYC and Springfield. Newer renovations have been made to the downtown district in recent years including a skate park and a sewage processing treatment plant.


Nearby Attractions


Aside from Main Street in the town proper, which offers shopping, dining and entertainment, the closest nearby attraction is Candlewood Lake, the largest lake in the entire state. Residents enjoy year round fishing, hiking, camping, hunting, boating and other waterside activities, with several mountainous ranges offering a plethora of activities for outdoor enthusiasts. CT real estate can be obtained in the town or in the variety of lakeside communities nearby such as New Milford.


Town History


Established as a town in the early 1700s, after a purchase of land for sixty pounds from Native Americans, it has continued to grow and thrive ever since. Originally the town was a farming and fishing town, ultimately serving as a key military outpost during the Revolutionary War. Today, the town is a thriving community that hosts countless annual visitors due to its close proximity to the largest lake in the state and the numerous nearby private communities


Town Events


A number of annual town events take place that offer a charming experience for those who acquire real estate in New Milford, CT or on the lakeshore. A variety of regularly scheduled events are posted on the community calendar for the town, and they include festivals, parades and town events, galas and other community happenings that are updated frequently.


Adjacent Towns /Cities


While New York City is several hours away, the four public beaches at Long Island Sound are even closer. Nearby towns include Hartford (about 50 miles), Springfield (about 75 miles) and Albany (about 100 miles). New York City is about 100 miles away as well, a short train ride or car trip for those who seek the shopping, entertainment and the thrills offered in the big city.


Schools System


Owners of real estate in the quaint locale of New Milford, CT, are afforded the luxury of one of the finest school systems in the entire nation. Inclusive of a variety of public preschools, elementary schools and high schools, the town also hosts a famous school as well. The world renowned Canterbury School is located here, a religious Roman Catholic boarding school famous for its affluent attendees and its immaculate curriculum.


Options with Lakefront Property


Lake Candlewood is the largest lake in the state of CT, and is bordered by several other towns, with New Milford being one of the closest in proximity. A number of private communities offer lakefront properties that can be acquired. Homes in this region have historically held very high land value, often privately built and contracted by the ultra-affluent (from both this state and from neighboring New York) as summer vacation homes. Grand manors line the shores in luxurious gated communities, offering private docks and private plots of prime lakefront property with deeded privileges.


Helpful Home Buyer Tips


Shopping for real estate in New Milford, CT can be an exciting affair, but you will want to be prepared in advance. Many of the lavish lakefront homes are represented by agents or brokers, and typically require that you have an agent or broker representing your interests to arrange for a viewing. We work with many of these agencies and brokers to help our clients find the perfect home on the lake for their needs.


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Our team of experienced real estate professionals will use our knowledge and experience to help you find the home you are seeking today in this region. We specialize in lakefront homes for sale in CT and New Milford CT real estate, and are well familiar with this area and the numerous private communities that offer lakefront property here. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about how we can assist your family in securing the estate by the lake that you’ve always wanted to own.


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